Bought a new domain..

After talking with my friend Chris about how some game-related entertainment, such as IGN's pseudo-talk show or failed enterprises like 'Attack of the Show', we wondered if we were alone.  

What I mean by that is "alone" in the sense that we're exceptionally put off by some "X-treme, Super Cool, Hilarious" game coverage and personalities.

The thought triggered when I watched the Halo 2 documentary now on Xbox Live.

While interviewing people like Phil Spencer, Joseph Staten, even Larry Hryb (Major Nelson), most of the testimonials and their personal experiences were conversational, sometimes insightful.  Then, they also chose to talk to Kevin Pereira, former host of aforementioned failed show.  This guy has often been offensive to me.  Not in his material (How blue can you work talking about video games and movies?) but in his 'wacky' delivery of everything.  While talking about his experience playing Halo with his friends, and taking consoles over to each other's houses, instead of just SAYING that, he used phrases like "intricate geek ballet" and "nerd dance".  I mentally inserted a rimshot sound effect each time he delivered one of his savvy one-liners.  We get it.  You were super smart to be able to plug network wires into the back of the console AND into a router.  

Are we still using 'geek' and 'nerd' to describe gamers?  Is it 'nerdy' to watch television on an internet service like Hulu?  Is it 'geeky' to see films?  Because that's the level of prevalence video games have now.  

And I've played multiplayer Call of Duty recently.  If 'geek' or 'nerd' also implies hightened intelligence, I can guarantee you it no longer applies to video games.

So, I wondered if things like that, or the Greg guy on IGN who thinks he's Conan/Letterman/Kimmel/etc and his cringeworthy 'jokes' are attractive to certain demographics, or if it's just that content producers don't know what gamers like, and continue creating this drivel.

It TRULY could well be that I'm just getting old.  I'm close to turning 36 this year.  But I'm buying video games.  I own all three current-gen consoles.  Surely I'm a demographic worth attracting.  I'm a kid that saved up his own money to buy an NES.  I've been with gaming through the beginning.  Well, as close as the Magnavox Pong the neighbor had, or the Colecovision system we got for opening a bank account.  

So, I was just driven to buy  Not because I yet have any ideas about it, but because if I do, and I find that others have the same ideas, maybe I'll put it to use.