Trailer leaks, free games...

I'm fired up for The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and so are around 9 million other people from the Youtube view count on this trailer.  It leaked, so Marvel didn't try to beat them, and instead joined them, releasing the high quality version of the trailer.  I embedded it below.

What did you think of it?  Comment below.. (Come on, be the first comment on my site... Please?)

For the show this week, Chris and I played 'Chariot' on the Xbox One.  It has a very 'cute' animation style, and a physics-based puzzle mechanic.  The point is that a prince and princess are trying to get the body of their dad (the king) to its final resting spot.  It's a coffin with really oversized wheels, and the player(s) have to use ropes, pushing and pulling to get it through lots of obstacles.

It's free this month on Xbox Live, too, which made it an easy "sell".  I'd highly recommend it to anyone with an Xbox.

Tomorrow, I'll post the Witcher III: The Wild Hunt opening cinematic.