I now find it very funny..

..that I decided to put Facebook commenting on this site, and there's not a SINGLE post.  Not that there's any traffic here.  I just came to grab an image I'd posted some time ago and noticed the emptiness of the grey strip below each post.


My blog is stagnant

However, it's back to the number one search result when you search my name in Google or Bing.  That was the number one prompting factor for me resurrecting this, after it fell too low.  I feel like it will always be worth keeping my own info at the top of a search for my name.

I think I might start adding photos, if I can find a super-easy way of sharing photos from my phone.

Bought a new domain..

After talking with my friend Chris about how some game-related entertainment, such as IGN's pseudo-talk show or failed enterprises like 'Attack of the Show', we wondered if we were alone.  

What I mean by that is "alone" in the sense that we're exceptionally put off by some "X-treme, Super Cool, Hilarious" game coverage and personalities.

The thought triggered when I watched the Halo 2 documentary now on Xbox Live.

While interviewing people like Phil Spencer, Joseph Staten, even Larry Hryb (Major Nelson), most of the testimonials and their personal experiences were conversational, sometimes insightful.  Then, they also chose to talk to Kevin Pereira, former host of aforementioned failed show.  This guy has often been offensive to me.  Not in his material (How blue can you work talking about video games and movies?) but in his 'wacky' delivery of everything.  While talking about his experience playing Halo with his friends, and taking consoles over to each other's houses, instead of just SAYING that, he used phrases like "intricate geek ballet" and "nerd dance".  I mentally inserted a rimshot sound effect each time he delivered one of his savvy one-liners.  We get it.  You were super smart to be able to plug network wires into the back of the console AND into a router.  

Are we still using 'geek' and 'nerd' to describe gamers?  Is it 'nerdy' to watch television on an internet service like Hulu?  Is it 'geeky' to see films?  Because that's the level of prevalence video games have now.  

And I've played multiplayer Call of Duty recently.  If 'geek' or 'nerd' also implies hightened intelligence, I can guarantee you it no longer applies to video games.

So, I wondered if things like that, or the Greg guy on IGN who thinks he's Conan/Letterman/Kimmel/etc and his cringeworthy 'jokes' are attractive to certain demographics, or if it's just that content producers don't know what gamers like, and continue creating this drivel.

It TRULY could well be that I'm just getting old.  I'm close to turning 36 this year.  But I'm buying video games.  I own all three current-gen consoles.  Surely I'm a demographic worth attracting.  I'm a kid that saved up his own money to buy an NES.  I've been with gaming through the beginning.  Well, as close as the Magnavox Pong the neighbor had, or the Colecovision system we got for opening a bank account.  

So, I was just driven to buy www.thirtysomethinggamer.com.  Not because I yet have any ideas about it, but because if I do, and I find that others have the same ideas, maybe I'll put it to use.


John Wick is GOOD

We went to see John Wick with Keanu Reeves last night.  It might be my favorite movie this year, giving Guardians of the Galaxy a run for its money.  It's SUPER violent, and action-oriented, so if those aren't your things, skip it.  

What I liked was in the shoot-out scenes, he didn't shoot you in the leg and hope you were down for good.  He made sure the people he downed STAYED down.  He's not a good guy.. but since he's our hero, you're rooting for him, because he was the victim of something even worse than his hitman past.

It wasn't often GORY, just intense.  

I recommend it.

Witcher III: The Wild Hunt's opening cinematic

The game I may be the most excited for since the new consoles came out is the Witcher III.  It looks better than anything I've seen so far, and I've loved the other two games so much, this will be hard to mess up for them, in my eyes at least.

The first one was on the PC only, and I'd read that it was a 'different type' of RPG.  I fell in love with that one, and then the second one I played on the 360.  This time, it will be on both the new systems.

Here's the opening cinematic for the game, that they just released today.

Trailer leaks, free games...

I'm fired up for The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and so are around 9 million other people from the Youtube view count on this trailer.  It leaked, so Marvel didn't try to beat them, and instead joined them, releasing the high quality version of the trailer.  I embedded it below.

What did you think of it?  Comment below.. (Come on, be the first comment on my site... Please?)

For the show this week, Chris and I played 'Chariot' on the Xbox One.  It has a very 'cute' animation style, and a physics-based puzzle mechanic.  The point is that a prince and princess are trying to get the body of their dad (the king) to its final resting spot.  It's a coffin with really oversized wheels, and the player(s) have to use ropes, pushing and pulling to get it through lots of obstacles.

It's free this month on Xbox Live, too, which made it an easy "sell".  I'd highly recommend it to anyone with an Xbox.

Tomorrow, I'll post the Witcher III: The Wild Hunt opening cinematic.  

Added Google, Bing webmaster tools

After letting go of my Powweb account, my site died for a while.  I couldn't figure out exactly how I wanted it to work after that, so I wasn't in a hurry to resurrect it.  That was probably a mistake.  I lost my search engine mojo.  If you search for my name in Bing or Google, as of today, my site is LOW on Google's results, and hasn't even registered on the first few pages of Bing's results.  

So to help my SEO, I added both Bing and Google webmaster tools to see if that speeds up the process, and gets me back to the number one result.

However, I did notice that if you Bing my name, you get some info on the right side of the page, from IMDB.  It's got my birthdate, height and other weird things.  That was pretty cool.

The other plan I have is to get some of the Co-op'pers to help me out, once I get my site a little more fancy.

My next project is to get a gallery installed to rotate out some photos I'd like to share.

Weekdays only, perhaps

I've blown my first goal of 'every day', so let's try for every weekday.  At least then I know I'll be at a computer.  

Weekend was fun, low-key for the most part.  Went back into Witcher 2 on the Xbox 360 for a while.  I'd been reading the books and it got me interested in some of the things I hadn't done in the game the last time I'd played through it.

Also, why don't they sell poster frames that are the same size as posters?  It's not like the hot dog to bun ratio, where you'll just buy more of one or the other.  I can't buy more poster to go into the frame.  It must be collusion with the matte merchants, so they can get a piece of the action.


I got a request!

I received my first email from my site that I need more jokes on the site.  I agree, though I figure I need more of EVERYTHING.  Here is my joke image for the day.  It's a little silly, but I'm not on my computer that has all of my silly images on it.  I'll start posting from there if Internet Explorer in the Windows 10 Preview would work with Squarespace's newest CMS.  

I'll do better soon.

And thanks, Mystery Writer, for the feedback.  =)

Day Three

This is where I normally start to fizzle.. after a few days of the site existing, I give up.  I've gotten it to work.. people I know have seen it work.. and then I just forget about it.

I'll write something every day I have an opportunity to, no matter how uninteresting.  I think tonight I'll work on setting up a photo gallery.  That should be a nice little project.

Also, still no questions for my FAQ.  Somebody ask me things.

Second Day

I'm very impressed with this site's usability, but am bummed out that I have no app support on Windows Phone.  That's a feeling I'm used to, but still not happy about.  I'd love to be able to post images or blog entries to my phone.  Perhaps there are some third-party apps that integrate with Squarespace.  Know of any?

The only downside to setting up Facebook commenting is that it's not integrated into the CMS like Disqus would be, but I still think it's better to let people not have to create a new account.  What do you think?  Would you rather set up a new account to comment here (because I know it will consume your days to comment on this silly site), or use Facebook?  Can I create a poll?  I'll have to find out.

Why would you bother coming to the site?  For pictures, blog entries, news on The Co-op Mode, etc?

Blog v2, Post #1

This is my first post with Squarespace's built-in blog tool.  It's a big leap from the Wordpress site I used to use, and mostly for the better.  I'm including the first picture that comes up when I look into my image folder.