I totally forgot about my own website…

I can’t believe it’s been so long I’ve forgotten about it, but it’s true.  It came up today and I’m so surprised I’ve neglected it for this long.  I also am unsurprised no one noticed!  I now wish it had been my resolution.  Can you make a resolution this late into the year?  Or at that point is it just a "goal”? 

My new job is great. I’ve loved it since I started.  The hours, while not VASTLY different from what I’m used to, are surprisingly hard to get completely under control.  My co-worker Joe, also the director of the latest indie project I worked on “Reality”, has helped me ease in.  My new boss and other co-workers are making it great, too. 

I think I’m going back to posting a silly picture a day.  I had a really good burst of posts when I did that.  This one makes my ribs hurt from laughing…



Fable III’s Dog Suit is cheap, then expensive

Man, this was weird.  I logged into Fable III this morning to play a little, and I went into the store. 

“Ooh, a dog suit!  That looks like the chicken suit from the last one!  I wonder how much that is,” I thought.  Then it got weird.

I selected it, and it showed me this:


One Microsoft Point.. I’m ON IT!  …wait, what?


Minus one point?  So it’s going to give me a point? 

Naturally, I’m gonna do it.  After clicking on “Download Now”, I got this completely bonkers error.


I worked this out. That many Microsoft Points equates to five billion dollars, or more specifically, $5,368,709,118.

…that dog suit probably has fleas, anyway.

An amazing/random Denzel impression

I watched a rerun of a Saturday Night Live from two weeks ago, and saw this skit, buried in the middle of the show, with an impressive impersination, by Jay Pharoah, of someone I’d have thought wasn’t able to be mimicked.  But now in hearing it, I’m sure I won’t be able to watch Denzel Washington the same way. 

Do you think this is as good as I do?

Movie shoot underway, Nov. will be costly

We’ve got two days of principle photography under our belts now on the “Reality” shoot.  So far, it’s been a blast.  I can’t wait to see what it looks like.  In two weeks, we’ll hit the ‘mansion’ and shoot the date and invasion scenes, and more.  I’m fired up!

I have a new IMDb photo on my profile. It’s one Neil Kellen took one day for me, in a panic, after realizing I had no photos to post on the “Reality” website.

November is going to be an expensive month, because it’s when a few different gadgets I’m wanting all come out around the same time.  I’m looking forward to the Kinect, the Samsung Focus and the latest Assassin’s Creed game.

I’ve been pretty darn terrible at updating here, and think I should probably turn back to my ridiculous image posting.  It always inspired me to sign in and update, so here’s today’s:



It’s Been a Month?!?

I’d intended to at LEAST post something silly on here every day, and if I ever had anything of interest, I’d throw that in, too.  However, never having any interesting things, and apparently completely spacing on the silly, my blog has gotten dusty.  Here’s the latest silliness: