Big Things in My Little World

A couple of things have sort of happened at the same time recently, and I’d like to share them.

logoThe first is that I’ve begun hosting a quick little segment on the newscasts of the TV station I work for.  It’s called “Plugged In”, and it focuses on everyday tech headlines.  I try not to make it too “geeky” or over anyone’s head.  It’ll just be the “news you can use” type of tech news;  mobile phones, social networking, video games, etc.

You can see the videos and links to what was in each show at:

Another thing is I got another credit on my IMDb page last week.  The short film “Silence of the Belle” was accepted into IMDb’s database, and a trailer was added to the site.  It’s a comedy blend of film styles, including silent film and 70’s kung-fu. 

Finally, I have a new roommate at my apartment, who only needs two cubic feet to live, so it won’t be too cramped.  I got a juvenile Tokay gecko shipped to me from Oklahoma.  I haven’t been able to identify the sex, so I’ve gone with a nice, asexual “Sam”.  That’s also the name of my favorite Tom Clancy character.