Fun Weekend Ahead, Blu-Ray Musings & Misplaced Backsides

I’m excited for this week to be done, and the weekend to begin.  Angie & I will be having a nice hybrid out/in date, Canyon is debuting in “Sweeney Todd” at North High School all weekend (which I’ll catch Sunday’s matinee), and I have a PlayStation 3 to dink around with.

It looks like my sister is getting closer and closer to an adventure in NYC.  If she does, I’m going to try to maybe have a weekend out there with her, if it can work out.

I want to try and rent 2012 on Blu-Ray, because I’ve heard that it will make great eye candy.  Any other Blu-Ray recommendations?  I own ONE right now, Halo Legends, but since a lot of it is hand-drawn animation, I’m afraid I didn’t get the best demo for my new setup.

I leave you with this parting thought…