“The Co-op Mode”

Watching ActionCorp TV wither and die on the vine was depressing.  Chris, Sean and I have pipe dreamed a resurrection, with various combinations of us involved at different times, but scheduling always made it too tough.  (I’m looking at you, Icy)

However, at some point a few months ago, over a few lunches, (thank you, Mandarin House) Chris and I discussed how much we prefer co-operative gaming over most deathmatch stuff.  Now, to be fair, I personally like both, but Chris is more of an e-Pacifist, so when he and I play, it generally is one where we work together, not against one another.

So, with the help of an HD video recorder, Skype for iPhone, and Chris’ editing skills, we created “The Co-op Mode”, a webcast specifically to highlight co-op play in our favorite games.  It’s not a review show, it’s just showing off gameplay and how we interact.  It’s closer to a ‘slice of life’ for the game’s multiplayer features.

You can watch all our episodes at:  www.thecoopmode.com

I’ve attached our most recent show below.


Are there games you’d like to see?  Any constructive critique?  Please leave a comment for me!