New Year, Same Old Blog Issues

ve1I still don’t have that much interesting stuff to write. 

I’m posting a link to an interview done with Lewis and Theresa by  They were asked about the movie “victimEYES”.  There’s some stuff in there even I hadn’t heard before, so I thought it was a good read.  RogueCinema is also the group that wrote that review of “victimEYES” on its IMDb page.

This weekend, we shot in sub-freezing temperatures in the woods for Marx Pyle’s new film, “Silence of the Belle”.  It was fun but COLD!

Christmas was fun, New Years was fun.  My brother Garth was in town and it was good to hang out with him for a while.

Cousin Damon and newly dubbed “Cousin” Meredith were in for the holidays, too.  We’re now in discussions for a trip to the left coast to visit.

Angie, the kids and I went to Nashville for a baby vacation.  It was really nice to get out of town and just wander around a different place for a while.

I suppose I had more than I thought.  Happy New Year!