Google AdSense and Time Away

Anyone ever used Google AdSense?  I’ve never tried it before, but thought I’d give them a small window on my site to begin earning my fortune.  I’m sure with the high volume traffic I get on here right now, I’ll be able to quit my job next week or so.

I’ve been away from the site recently.  No real reason in particular, but my rehearsals for the Civic Theatre show I just got done with didn’t help.  Games have been relatively slow recently, which is nice.  It’s been great bleeding more fun out of Halo 3.  Darren picked it up within the last six weeks or so, and we’ve been playing a lot of it.  He’s gotten where he’s able to hold his own pretty quickly, and can take me out in some interesting ways now, including this beauty below.  I’m the purple guy.  He’s off-camera with a rocket launcher.


I’ll be posting more in the next day or so about the movie premiere of “victimEYES” coming up in Henderson.  Until then, just visit