Good Night, Sweet Van

As Luke and Liv call it, the “Sweet Van” has been put out to pasture.  It was a good vehicle.  It was a loyal vehicle.  But, unfortunately, it was a broken vehicle.  It lived for nearly 20 years before going completely nuts.  As best I can recall, here’s a rundown of it’s more interesting flaws:

  • Driver’s side window wouldn’t stay up
  • Passenger’s side door lock rusted shut
  • No air conditioning
  • Gas needle was WAY off
  • Brakes sounded like pliers on a spinning nail
  • Internal ceiling fabric drooped and sagged
  • Paint peeled off of hood and roof
  • Turn signals didn’t blink (just stayed on solid)
  • Brights wouldn’t stay on
  • Hole where radio should’ve been
  • Cupholders stuck shut

It was time to go, but it was weird seeing it leave.  If you’d like to share your favorite moments with the Sweet Van, feel free to leave a comment.