It’s Been a While…

resdogs I haven’t written much here recently, yet I still don’t feel like I have much to talk about.

Reservoir Dogs wrapped up over the weekend at Evansville Civic Theatre's Underground at the Annex. It was a blast to work with old buddies Chris Tyner and Mike Hancock, whom I’ve acted with and known for years, as well as meeting and/or reacquainting with the rest of the cast.  That was probably the best part of that show; how tight the cast & crew were.  I haven’t done much stage stuff in a while, but I don’t know if I ever remember it being so smooth and easy.

I’m trying to figure out if any effort should be put into this blog, or if everything’s going the way of Facebook, and all of this is for nothing.  I’m assuming that, like MySpace, Friendster, etc., it will eventually pass, too, but who knows.  Then I’ll have been foolish to let this one go completely to pasture.

Do you have a blog?  Where do you put your efforts?  I’ll put up a new poll.