New Wheels

New for me, anyway.  I just bought the car featured below.  I REALLY love it.  Before getting it, I considered things like air conditioning and a radio to be luxuries.  Now, I suppose I own a ‘luxury car’.  The video was on Kenny Kent’s website, but Sean helped me pull it off, so enjoy a video that would make Ken Burns cringe.

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This is also a eulogy for the 1990 Plymouth Voyager, known by Luke and Liv as the “Sweet Van”.  It’s coming up on its 20th birthday this year, and has been a loyal vehicle, albeit without a lot of features used commonly for driving, such as power brakes, an aim-able driver-side mirror, a driver-window that rolled down, a functioning oil gauge, AC, heat, a radio, a functioning lock on 2 of its three doors and several others I’m sure I’m forgetting.

I’ll put a picture up next time I’m home and near the van.

Share your memories of the Sweet Van in the comment section.  (If you’re having trouble, pretend it’s Bunny or something…)