My Day on the Movie Set

my scene Man, I had fun at the shoot Monday.  Getting there was a little stressful, since I slept through 45 minutes of alarm.  I needed to get on the road, I’d estimated, around 6am, to be there at 10am our time, 11am theirs.  I woke up at 5:45am.  Great start to the day.  So, after rushing to get ready and get on the road, I then was talking with Garth several times about whether he thought I could make it in time.  After talking with him, I got more confident about the situation, and he was right.  I was there with 20 minutes to spare.

After getting settled, checking in with one of the producers, and hitting the craft services table for some food, I pulled out my DS and waited for them to call me to the set.

I had about two hours of waiting around, which was fine because I talked with crew and producers, the costume designer and make-up and hair, and, as I mentioned, played a little bit of Chinatown Wars on my DS.

Now, the crew of this movie was unbelievable.  Around 20-25 people, dressed in black, wearing radios with earpieces and crazy utility belts.  There were electricians, gaffers, audio, grips, a director of photography, set director, THE director, producers and more.  It was a WELL-oiled machine.

When it was my time up there, I was called by a person with an earpiece to go to the set and get into make-up.  I sat in a chair and the make-up artist and hair stylist spent around 15 minutes making me look decent.

Then, it was onto my scene.  I think I had around 12 lines, MAX. We shot for around 5 hours.  We’d do the scene 10 times, then the crew would change the angle.  The actors would have to leave the set to get out of the way, and then be called back in 20-30 minutes later.  Then we’d do the same scene 10 more times, and the cycle would repeat.  Between takes, the director would come out and give us, well, direction, in what she wanted out of the scene. 

I had two scenes, so I had a wardrobe change.  Also, my hair was CRAZY spiky to an almost fauxhawk.  Apparently teacher’s assistants are TRENDY at this unnamed school.

It was INCREDIBLY interesting watching the process.  I’m SO glad I was a part of the project.

If/when I find out details about its release, I’ll definitely post here.