Water Mixes & What’s My Size?

Who uses those little skinny powder packets that try to make drinking water interesting?  I started about six months ago, and I really like a certain kind.  For some reason, the only ones that I feel are actually good for me are the invisible ones, that is to say the ones that dissolve without any dye, so they still look like water.  For some reason, I have it in my head that those are better for me, so I usually only drink the Propel ones.  My favorite is grape, but I’m branching out with Kiwi-Strawberry this week.

Also, in the upcoming film I was cast in, the costume designer has contacted me to know my sizes on certain things.  Will a tailor just do that for free?  Is there a place I can get it done?  I know some, but not everything.  What can I do?  Is it as simple as getting a cloth tape measure?  This is new to me.  I got a C in costume design.  I also got a C in ceramics, so I think I must just get C’s in classes that start with C.