A Day Late & Dollar Short… but Ubuntu is Impressive

ubuntu-logo After learning that I was going to be able to get a hold of an OLPC machine, I decided to look into what it can, and cannot, do.  After realizing it needed custom, proprietary hardware to run Windows, I changed directions, and started getting into Linux, and more specifically Ubuntu

I’d messed with Ubuntu around 10 years ago, when a vendor sent Sean a kiosk display of free CD’s for the counter of the computer repair shop where we worked. Then, it seemed more of an uber 1337 super-system for Linux fans, maybe bored of Red Hat.  Now, Ubuntu’s installation of apps, GUI and system is incredibly inviting to me, as more of a day-to-day sort of software.

As a die-hard Windows guy (minus my phone), I generally need my Windows desktop to really feel ‘at home’ with my computer.  My games, my desktop ‘gadgets’, Windows Media Center and several other things keep me coming back to the Microsoft mothership. 

But since I was wanting to get more familiar with it so I could be fluent when I get my OLPC, I installed Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) onto a spare hard drive I had.  I’ve liked it very much so far.  I’m learning how to tweak it to what I want it to be, but in five days, I haven’t had to switch back to Windows… yet.  I’ve been able to do instant messaging, web-browsing & several other things with apps that I can find that are comparable to Windows counterparts.  I know it makes me ‘uncool’ in the tech world, but I DEFINITELY prefer IE to Firefox.  It still gets around fine, but just doesn’t seem as intuitive to me.


Now, going back to a previous topic, my phone, cannot sync to Ubuntu through what I’ve found.  I need it to sync MORE than just songs.  I need apps, contacts, photos and more to sync, and I cannot find a viable option for that, so though my Ubuntu journey has been fun, it may be seeing an early end.

That’s not to say it won’t work for the OLPC.  I think it’ll be ideal there.  I just don’t think I can do it on my main machine.  Perhaps dual-boot?  Who uses Ubuntu out there? 

What apps should I get?