On Why I Prefer Twitter...

I’ve wondered why I seem to do Twitter more than any other social networking thing, and as obvious as it may sound, it’s because it’s a WHOLE lot easier.  I’m not saying that it’s something I can’t get my head around.  I’ve been able to DO Facebook just fine.  It’s that it’s SO much work to find out information about others, and even MORE work to make sure people have the OPTION of seeing stuff going on with me. 

To be considered ‘good’ at Facebook, there’s status updates, blog updates, photo and video uploads, photo tagging, etc.  It seems like too much to me.

Twitter, on the other hand, is a burst text from my phone, whenever I want, and I can subscribe to whomever I want.  I can check it when I want, and get EVERYTHING by scrolling through a few lines of text, with MAYBE a link or two inserted every once in a while.  It’s not lots of steps, which, while simple, take time.  That’s time I’d rather spend doing other things. With Twitter, if you can scroll up and down, you can get just about everything there is to get from the people you’re following.  Even with the iPhone Facebook app, there’s just too much to do to get caught up.

Are you noticing more Twitter activity than Facebook recently?  Less?