Watching the Watchmen, More Literal Music Video

Though I’m really looking forward to seeing the movie, I recently realized that I’ve probably seen 40% of it already through various exclusive clips, extended trailers and viral videos.  Is this good?  I remember the same feeling with Spider-Man 3, when different stations and websites got different pieces of it to preview.  In particular, I remember NBC airing the battle with Peter and Harry above the city when Harry tries to kill him.  In that situation, there was still plenty of movie to enjoy.  They only ever showed one shot of Venom in any previews, so there was that whole segment.  I do wish Venom had been handled better in that movie.  It seemed like a throwaway pander to the fans instead of a dedicated plotline.

Sorry, Spider-Man tangent.

Here’s the next literal video I’ve found.  I think I like this better than Billy Idol’s.

I’m still having trouble finding a direction for my blog, but I have had a recent push to update, so I’m going to ride it out as long as possible, and maybe a more clear direction will show itself.