Twitter’s Gonna Get Ya & More Fallen ‘Heroes’

After setting up Twitter for the TV station I work for, and the recent mainstream media coverage of Twitter after several lawmakers were caught tweeting during Obama’s latest speech, it’s become apparent.  Twitter’s here to stay, or perhaps more succinctly, Twitter’s here.  Who knows how long it will stay?

Twitter makes no money.  They don’t charge a subscription fee.  They don’t sell ads.  They’re a completely revenue-less business.  It’s the fundamental flaw with the whole “web 2.0” business plan, not unlike the underpants gnomes from South Park (see below).


Even if they DO start to try and monetize it, my guess is people will just jump ship and find another service that would take its place as the new free option.

I’m not down on Twitter.  I use it, I read others’ feeds and post my own over to the right on my own site.  I just see it as the next step; another perishable internet fad, like MySpace.

Also, added to the list of Fallen Heroes is actually ‘Heroes’.  In a previous post, I mentioned that one of my favorites, ‘The Office’, is no longer the same show I fell in love with years ago.  I’ve really been trying to give ‘Heroes’ the benefit of the doubt, because I loved the first season, and still love a lot of the characters, but whoever’s writing this season clearly has no respect for the characters or the universe written around them.

The last few episodes could have been told in a “Previously on Heroes…” thirty second wrap-up, but instead has been stretched to three hours of slow-moving, predictable boringness.  The few parts that ARE mildly interesting have been messed up, too, by all of a sudden adding weaknesses to characters that hadn’t been present before, for the sake of further drawing out the scene.  For example, a mind-reading, “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for” character all of a sudden has a weakness to fire alarms, or “sensory overload”.  WHAT?!  When was THAT established?  He was able to focus through machine gun fire and the witnessing of his girlfriend getting gunned down right in front of him, but a siren messes him up?!

I am going to try to tough through it, because I remember LOST having a terrible slump, too, but it’s going to be tricky.