New Year, New Site Features?

I was talking with Chris recently, who told me about his idea to revamp his site completely away from a blog-type forum, and go in a totally new direction.  I’ll let him tell you that, and not steal his thunder.  But it got me to thinking: what could I do new with my site?

The blog thing is fine, and I definitely wouldn’t get rid of it, but maybe it’s time for a new format, where the blog is one PART of a bigger, more all-inclusive web presence.  I’m not sure yet what I want to do, but if anyone has any constructive thoughts, I’d be happy to soak them all in.

A new design is DEFINITELY in order.  I’ve been working on one for quite a while now, and that will happen for sure, but I’m thinking more as far as content.  I’d like to do some more regular stuff, but have trouble sometimes with just a generic blog form of textual free-form thought.  If I had a more specific goal, like a weekly game review or video of some kind, it would beat the whole “what to post” struggle, and I could just bang something out.