2008… Good Riddance?

That’s the feel I’m getting around the net as I look at several countdowns and year-in-review articles, that this year just wasn’t so great.

I didn’t really get that.  I can’t really think of stuff that happened to me this year that was much different than in years before.  Yes, the economy is not doing well, but I was reading that several economic institutions are saying that spending was up around 2% from last year, which is the smallest increase from year to year in recent history, but it’s still UP.  That I found surprising.

I have often thought about whether working in news numbs me to a lot of things, maybe making me more cynical, or take big news with a grain of salt.  Perhaps that’s why not much phased me, but who knows?

I had a great time with Angie, the kids, my parents, siblings, aunts, cousins and friends this holiday season, so it’s going out on a high note for me, personally.

Anybody get anything cool for Christmas?  I did.  HD Camcorder!  If I can figure out why the video output is kinda choppy, I’ll post some vids on here soon.