The Goose is Getting Fat

Right now, I have very few Christmas gifts bought.  I have nearly everyone on my list picked out, but have only actually purchased/built/etc around 40% of the presents.  I do this every year, and it’s never a problem, but this year, watching all the morons at the intersection of Burkhardt and the Lloyd, it makes me a little more nervous than normal.  I put a new poll up about Christmas shopping.  Let me know how you’re doing.

banjo On the gaming front, I’ve found a new gem.  Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.  I’m amazed with its customization, sense of humor, and ability to talk to the outside world.  In the game, you can take photos, and upload them to the Banjo Kazooie website, then download them or send them to friends at your PC.  Also, there’s a workshop where you can build vehicles to drive, float or fly around the different environments of the game.

I’ve also gotten into the show Weeds recently.  Since I can stream the first two seasons over NetFlix, I’m caught up now through the end of the second one.  Unfortunately, season three isn’t ON NetFlix right now, so I’m kind of stuck.  But seeing Kevin Nealon and Elizabeth Perkins (from the movie “Big”) again has been pretty cool.

Angie, the kids and I picked out a puppy Saturday.  Normally, I’m more of a big dog kind of guy, being around German Shepherds when I was little and a Golden Retriever more recently, but I have to say this little mutt breaks the stereotypes of little dogs.  I’ve never heard her bark, though Angie did say she did bark at Beyonce on TV once.  Which brings me to this.

Angie showed me that yesterday, and I liked it.