Fallout 3 Quick Impressions

Fallout-3-e32k6-poster Holy moly.  Fallout 3 is MASSIVE.  I’ve been playing it now for a few days, and I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface on seeing what there is to see. 

I’m playing the game as a sort of rogue character.  I will steal when necessary, but won’t hurt an innocent person or bystander.  I just need supplies.  As I was telling Chris, if the guy that will be the one to save the world steals a couple of bucks from you on his journey, I doubt you’d mind too much.  You might even feel honored to have played your part! </rationalization>

It has one of the best video game introductions of any game I’ve seen.  It’s right up there with Bioshock-calibur openings.  Good voice acting too, led by Liam Neeson.  Apparently, Bethesda likes to pull in some Anglo-Saxon talent to kick off their stories.  (Oblivion was led by Patrick Stewart as the Emperor)

It’s Oblivion in scope, as well, though like GTA4, it doesn’t seem as large of a game world, opting instead for a more densely populated, more detailed world.

It will be one that will definitely be installed to the hard drive once the NXE is released.