Summer Movies Shifting to Fall Games

As the summer movie season seems to be wrapping up, I thought about what a good summer it was.  There were several that I will probably want to catch again in the $3 theater, since it'll be the last time to see them on a big screen.  Tropic Thunder, Pineapple Express, Iron Man, Hulk, Mamma Mia, The Dark Knight, Wanted and probably one or two others I'm forgetting.

Now, as that slows down, fall becomes game season.  The summer is generally pretty slow, 'new game'-wise, which is actually great on the wallet.  It's also a chance to catch up on some games that got back-burnered from last year. 

So far, I've played through a really strong RPG called Mass Effect.  I don't know what came out shortly after that distracted me from it, but it's a very good game.  Lots of branching dialog paths and an intricate leveling-up skill tree, plus HOURS of well-done voice acting and good visuals make it a really cool experience.

Also I'm catching up now on Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, a superhero game where the teams you build determine your success in certain situations.  It can also be played co-operatively, so Sean and I have been going through a lot of it together, and I really think Luke would have fun playing it, too.

Though it might not be as big as last year's holiday season, this one is going to be big.

I'll be trading in several titles in the coming weeks, trying to keep the cash for some of these and still have enough for Christmas!

What games are you interested in?  Did I miss any big ones?