Braid: Wow

I downloaded the demo for a few Xbox Live Arcade games last night, and started playing one that I bought as soon as I finished the demo.  It's called Braid, and it's a cross between a Mario game, a Prince of Persia game and an impressionist painting.

Mario in that it's a side-scroller, with jumping and platforms.

Prince of Persia because of the manipulation of time.  If you mess something up, you can essentially 'rewind' the game back to where you'd messed up and do it differently.  Some things in the game AREN'T affected by your time control, like moving platforms or items to collect, so there are several puzzles and impasses that you have to work through how you can manipulate time to your advantage and help you through them.

And impressionist paintings can't really be described with words.  I attached a short video highlighting some of the graphics and music, which I can't get over how beautiful it looks and sounds.  A lot of time and artistry went into putting this game together.  It makes me wish I could do this kind of stuff.

(When time is manipulated, the colors kind of go grey and the music is played backwards)

What do you think of the game?  Poll time!