The Little Things...

Sometimes, when you've got a what's leaning toward heavier things in your head, it's easier to take the focus away from them by looking at silly things.  I have an appointment today that's been on my mind for a while.  My plumbing is just a little screwy, and I'm having it checked out.

So, as a distraction, I'm thinking of ditching the newly-formed gamertag I'd created at the end of last year, and going back to my 'since-day-one' tag.  This was partially spurred by the fact that it doesn't look like Ubisoft has any desire to communicate with the fans about the status of Splinter Cell.  Rumors of back-to-drawing-board, talk that Michael Ironside bailed, they're all making me nervous.  Plus, I've always been a Spidey fan, and kind of missed that little tie.  I also think that all the work I put in on Web Slinger needed fixin'.

So now I'm looking at returning to Web Slinger.  It could be strange.  The last game I completed as Web Slinger was either Assassin's Creed or BioShock, so I've got some gamerscore to make up.  GTA4, Lost: Via Domus and Ninja Gaiden 2 are some of the first ones that come to mind that need porting over.

Opinions?  I'll put a poll up.