Holy CRAP!  These guys change SO MUCH from day to day!  All of a sudden, several have changed color, and the one that was already kind of froggy has hit all new frog status.  It's breathing air and climbing the glass!  I couldn't find him last night in the water, and kind of panicked, until I got lower, and noticed that he was up in a corner, sticking to the glass!


So I realized that I need some surface for the little guys to let them explore.  Tonight, Sean is coming over to help redesign the tank.  In the interim, I built a little makeshift island for the little guys to hang out on from an old dead tupperware thing.  I also had to install the hood on the tank in case any others decide to try and scale the walls. 

Before I put the little guy on Isla Del Tupper, I had to get him off the glass, and he crawled all over my hand for a while before I got him back into the tank. 


He swims like a real frog now, too, and his tail from last night is nearly GONE now.  I'm sure in the next few days, several more will start making the change.  This one is just my overachiever, which is funny, because he was one of the smallest guys I had.  His name is Pip.

Ryu and Chunk are also on their way to changing.  Ryu's even turned green.  Chunk has just gotten more rotund.