My Froggies Are All Growing Up & Sad Day for Sam Fans?

Several weeks ago, my friend Sean gave me a bucket full of tadpoles.  I thought it would be cool to put them in Angie's koi pond and hope that maybe a few stuck around once they grew up.

Before I dumped what I estimated to be more than 100 into the pond, I gave my mother several for her kindergarten class.  And as I dumped them in, I ended up keeping about 20 or so for myself.  For a long time, I kept them in a bucket, with some algae flakes, plant roots and a lily pad, but have since moved them into a 10-gallon aquarium.


It's impossible to see, but several of them are already getting little froggy legs.  Two of them even have TOES attached to their little leg nubbins.  One of them uses his legs to help him swim along.  As of right now, that's how I can tell my two fastest-growing ones apart.  The rest are pretty hard to distinguish from one another.  But there are two that I look for each time I check the tank.  Ryu and Chunk.  Ryu because he's doing lots of kicking, and I've been playing Ninja Gaiden II recently, so he's my ninja frog.  Chunk because he's got the equivalent of a tadpole beer gut. 

Tuesday does not seem interested in them in the slightest, which is GREAT, because she used to jump into my tanks when I used to have my geckos.

I'm amazed by how fast they're changing.  YESTERDAY there were no toes, today there are.

In other news, it's being rumored now that Michael Ironside will NOT be returning to play Sam Fisher in the perpetually-delayed Splinter Cell: Conviction.

Sarcastic Gamer had been on the story a couple of times this month, and in their latest story, they quoted their source as saying:

“He was getting to way too egotistical about the project and extremely difficult to work with.”

“He was also asking for a sh*t load of money..”

“He pretty much tied his own noose”

MAN, I hope they're wrong.  That character is MADE by Michael Ironside's voice.  I'd wager he's been with the franchise longer than 75% of the development team, since the first game launched in 2002, and has a vested interest in making Sam a believable character that the player can identify with. 

I've wondered what they meant about him being egotistical, because I read somewhere else that he's wanting to get involved in the story a bit.  If that's so, I'd think they'd be glad to have another consultant so close to the project that actually CARES about what's happening and not just phoning it in for a paycheck. 

So, unless he wants the first-born of each developer, or a ridiculous amount of profit from the game, I vote they give him what he wants, and maintain some consistency in this franchise.  After all, with so many delays and a rumored 'back-to-drawing-board' revamp last month, they're going to need all the help they can get to bring people back.