Play it Again, Sam... PLEASE!!!

So UbiDays was just held in Paris this week.  UbiDays is an event held each year by Ubisoft, a game developer, that showcases what they've been working on, and what we'll be seeing in the coming months.  Ubisoft also has exclusivity on the Tom Clancy license, meaning they're the only company allowed to use his brand in their games.  Some of the most popular Clancy games are Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon and, of course, Splinter Cell. (If you didn't know, my Xbox gamertag over on the right is the name of the game's main character.)

After an hour and a half long presentation of games they're working on, including a segment dedicated to ten years' worth of Tom Clancy games, there was absolutely NO mention of the latest Splinter Cell game, subtitled "Conviction".  None.  I couldn't believe it. 

The game was rumored to have been delayed after going back to the drawing board, and we wouldn't see it until 2009-2010, but since then, Ubisoft has been non-committal in their release date, but saying anything mentioning going back to the drawing board is unconfirmed and pure speculation.  Great... an almost denial.

What are they doing?  What is going on that this tried & true game franchise is now impossible to add to? 

Most fans fear that the game will go off in a wild tangent, abandoning the core gameplay of Splinter Cell, the Light & Shadow stealth mechanic.  Early versions of the game they've previously showed off show more of a social stealth, hide in plain sight kind of thing.  I don't mind divergence from the sneaking around thing if it's done well, and complementing a good story, but it seems like this game may have been influenced by the Bourne movies and Assassin's Creed, and just be doing it because they like that style.  If that's the case, and it's just an experiment, I wish they would create a new franchise to create that world around.  But again, if a strong story warrants it, I'll be more patient with the change.

Just throw us a bone, Ubi!  Let us know what's going on, please...

sadsamSo, at least for now, it appears that Sam is walking off into the sunset, with the Incredible Hulk sad walk-off theme playing...