Crazy Phone, Game Fun and My Hackintosh

TF2-EApcSLP03 My phone's been flipping out over the weekend.  The icon for SETTINGS disappeared Friday, then just popped back in Sunday night.  The settings button lets me turn on and off things like Bluetooth and WiFi, changes Mail frequency settings and more.  So with my battery kind of low, I wasn't able to turn off battery-sucking things like the WiFi.  Bummer.  But, now it's back, and everything's fine.  From reading, it looked like it was a common symptom of jailbroken iPhones, but mine isn't, so that wasn't the problem.  Who knows?

Angie and the babies came to play Mario Kart Wii Friday night, and it was a game that ALL of us could play and have fun doing.  The steering wheel attachment apparently does a good job of simplifying the mechanic, making it accessible to people who may be uncomfortable with a standard controller. 

At my parents' house Sunday, I fired up an older game of mine, Portal.  It's a really interesting game where you have a gun that shoots what basically amounts to a "IN door" and an "OUT door".  Then when entering a door, you'll pop out wherever you placed the other door.  It's a puzzle game with no real time limit or bad guys to shoot.  You're basically just getting from A-B.  Well, that is, until the facility's AI doesn't like what you're doing towards the end of the course.  I need to go back through that.

Lastly, I have successfully gotten Mac OSX Leopard running on my PC.  I used a distro of OSX86 called Kalyway.  Using a community at, and help from Chris in areas of my own OSX unfamiliarity, I was able to get everything in my machine working correctly, including audio and networking.  My only hiccup is with my video card.  It's not spitting out as good of quality video as other cards could, but it's pretty darn smooth right now.  I'm able to web browse, rip & watch my movies, use iTunes, and more.  This week on ACRadio, we'll be talking more in-depth about the process.  I'll post some links & pics then.