Superhero in a Little Brown Car, Friends with Knowledge

I haven't written about this before now, because the day it happened, I was still frazzled, and the days following I've been trying to catch up.  The Caddy flipped out on me Friday.  It overheated after a radiator hose split, spraying the distributor with antifreeze.  This happened while crossing Highway 41 Friday at lunch.  After it happened, I sat for a second, stunned, then climbed out and waved to the traffic I was blocking that I couldn't move.  While still doing that, I notice a little brown car pulling over, and a guy came over to me, told me it looked like I was overheating, and told me to get in and steer.  I asked him, "What about the traffic?"

He responded, "Oh, they'll stop."

He then walked into the oncoming traffic and stopped it, then rushed around to the back of my car, and pushed me across the highway and into a nearby parking lot.  I thanked him profusely, shook his hand, and he got back in his car, and asked if I needed a ride anywhere.  I told him I worked just up the hill, but I REALLY appreciated what he'd done for me. 

Looking back on it, I wish I'd had my wits about me enough to ask him his name or how to get a hold of him.  I was just so overwhelmed that I wasn't thinking clearly.  I'll find him, though.  I have a few ideas.

The reason I was driving the Caddy was that after hitting a pothole in my van, the power steering stopped working.  After the Caddy crashed, I needed a Plan B, so while at Auto Zone with Mike, picking up stuff for him to try and fix the Caddy, I also grabbed a bottle of power steering fluid.

Mike is the chief photographer at the station, and is knowledgeable with cars.  He's also plays in Prowler, the band I talked about in this previous post.  I asked him if he could help me with the Caddy situation, and he said he could, so we ran to Auto Zone and grabbed a new hose and clamps, and some antifreeze. He put it all together, but the car still wouldn't start.  Long story ending in Caddy still not moving.

So Saturday, when I went to check the power steering fluid in my van, I noticed that wasn't the problem.  The serpentine belt had popped off, most likely when hitting that pothole, and took out the power steering, generator, alternator, etc.  Mike was able to swing by Sunday and put it back together.  So I have transportation.  Woo-HOO!  Now all that's left is reviving Caddy. 

...more to come, I'm sure.