First Communion Party in the Books, GTA4 Eve

luke Luke had his First Communion service over the weekend.  He'd been very excited/nervous about it for the last few days, but he said it was easy once he'd done it.  We'd talked about him moving from boy baby status to big boy status. He also said that he liked the wine.  Nice. 

Angie has been planning for the last few weeks a HUGE party to celebrate Luke's achievement.  We had Angie's parents, my parents, lots of Angie's aunts and uncles, my aunt and cousins, Luke's teacher and more come through.  Angie did a great job getting all kinds of food ready, including a WONDERFUL pasta salad, and has been working hard to make her house look pretty for the big day.  Liv was the official present starter, making sure that by the time Luke was handed the present, it was already well-started, or nearly open.  Everyone seemed to have a great time, and we had a lot of fun doing it.  Angie does a mean First Communion party.

It was a great day, but MAN, does my back still hurt.  It's been bad since Wednesday of last week.  I went to the doctor Thursday, who said that it was most likely a pinched nerve from my spine to my right arm, because after futzing with it for a while, my right arm got tingly, then numb.  I'm on anti-inflammatories and steroids, and it has gotten better, but it's still not good.  Not even 30, and already with the bad back.  Great.

Tonight at midnight, GTA4 goes on sale.  Keep an eye on my Twitter account for updates, and I'll be posting all kinds of impressions and photos in the morning.