A Sad Day for the Cheeks

cloudMy mom called me yesterday to let me know that the family dog, a sweet, goofy Golden Retriever named Cloud, had passed away Tuesday morning.  It was really sad to hear.  That dog, though wild and silly, was SO sweet and friendly, and just kind of thought he was a lap dog.  He always wanted to be right with you, with his big nose in your face.  That or playing fetch with his "meat".  He had a recurring toy that was just a rubber squeak toy that was shaped and colored like a big cut of beef.  And when he wore it out or lost it, we'd just get him another.

It really made me kind of sad, because as silly as this sounds, it's one of the first real pets that I'd known his whole life.  Dad and I went to go pick him out in between my freshman and sophomore year of school.  I did some obedience training with him pretty early on, which he retained COMPLETELY, though we didn't continue it for long, so he didn't learn much more than sit, lie down and stayStay was tricky for him, but he could hold it for a while.

I know my parents and brother are sad about it, too, since they had more day-to-day interaction with him.  He was part of the family, and he'll be missed dearly. 

Regan sent me some pictures she had of Cloud after she heard the news.  The one I attached to this post stood out to me as great, because he was all wet and messy, which he loved, and he had his "meat" with him.  That dog always looked like he was smiling, too, and I can see it really well in this picture.