Earthquake, Podcast & A Surprise Party

I slept through the first part of it.  It was very strange.  Around 4:30am, I was sleeping on my side, and slowly started to feel like someone was rocking me a little, trying to get me to wake up.  As I slowly woke up and looked over to see who was shaking me, I saw NO ONE.  Instead, I saw my computer's monitor rocking back and forth on my desk.

At this point, I figured my upstairs neighbor was having a party.  She has had people over before, and if they get rowdy, sometimes some stuff in my apartment rattles.  But it kept going.  The next thing I noticed was the sound of birds.  It was way early, still dark outside, but because my window was open, I could hear the birds going nuts.

Then it stopped shaking, and still almost in a dream, I rolled over, grabbed my phone, and texted Angie, asking her if that was an earthquake.  I got a "Yes" back, then checked on Tuesday, then went back to bed.  About 45 minutes later, I got a call from the station, to help get our streaming video fired up.  Then I crashed again.

After I woke up and headed for work, I got stuck on the Twin Bridges.  Standstill traffic.  They apparently shut it down for a bit so they could either weld or cut some steel.  While I was sitting there, more shaking.  I rolled down my windows, just in case I shook off into the river, at least I could get out of the car quickly.  When I got back to the station, I learned that the first quake was a 5.2, northwest of Evansville.  The one while I was on the bridge was a 2.6.  Then, while AT the station, another 4.6 aftershock jiggled the station.  All in all, this was a very cool day.

 Map showing earthquakes

Last night was pretty fun, too.  The Busy Bytes boys, minus Craig, sat down at our own computers, hooked up with Skype, and recorded an audio-only podcast.  Chris and Sean and I talked for a little more than half an hour discussing games, camcorders and more, but it's not quite done yet, so I'll post again when it's ready for

Now enjoy this.  I'm starting to really like the stuff Kristen Wiig does.  She's silly.  Plus, you can't go wrong with Walken.