Why I Love Tim Russert, or The Word 'Clinton' Must be Latin for 'Liar'

I first discovered that I liked Tim Russert when he drilled the democratic candidates on Soviet President Putin's replacement.  It was the first person in the media that I'd seen who didn't softball the liberals.  Then, this week on Meet the Press, we get this video.  Note that Male Clinton's visit to Boonville, IN was the centerpiece for this clip. 

EDIT: The original vid I posted mysteriously disappeared off of its hosting site apparently, so I found another version on msnbc.com. 

Now last week, Seth Meyer summed up my feelings on the Richardson endorsement situation pretty well in the Weekend Update.

I suppose I'm lifting my political skirt up here a little bit and showing where I stand, though honestly, this election has no clear-cut candidate for me.  Though historical in several aspects, including the fact that it's the first election without incumbents in the primaries since 1928, it just doesn't seem like there's a strong choice here.  Female Clinton and Barack will continue to tear each other down to the point that by the time one does come out ahead, there's already so much exposed/made-up/etc that the public may be tired and/or weary of them anyway.