Mike Fridley's Band, Gary Busey Selling Video Games

We went to Lanhuck's Saturday night to see Mike's band, Prowler.  They sounded great, but the stage/dance floor seemed to be set up by blind monkeys.  It's the most counter-intuitive layout I've ever seen.

This was our view from the side of the stage, where the rest of the bar is.  It's REALLY weird.


I did get the tiniest bit jealous, too, I have to admit.  At one time, I auditioned to sing with the band, but their practice schedule just seemed too daunting at the time.  Now, not all of the music is necessarily my kind of stuff, but I really did like a lot of it..  oh well.  They sounded good, and maybe some day an 80's cover band will need a singer.  HAHAHA!

Okay, next topic:  Crazy Uncle Gary.  This series is good. You will have to verify your age before viewing the video, but I can't imagine it'll be that much of a problem.  This one I attached is the best one.