The Kingdom & A Damon Party, Minus Damon

kingdom-poster-1 The movie The Kingdom was surprisingly good.  It had been on my list for a while, but when we were at Blockbuster Saturday night, it sounded just right.  I highly recommend it.  The open of the movie, whether factual or 'spiced up', was an interesting partly animated, partly real footage montage building up a history leading up to the realities of the movie.  In one of the DVD's extras, the director explained the action of this movie as the first two thirds drawing a bow and arrow, and the last third, releasing the arrow.  It was tense for around 15-20 minutes toward the end.  The movie is good.

Also this weekend, my cousin Damon was supposed to fly in, and his sister Chase was going to have a party/lunch/family thing.  Due to the crappy weather Friday, Damon's flight was cancelled, but the festivities continued.  We got to see a very relaxed, smily baby Cousin Wes and a VERY animated Cousin Avery!  It never came to mind to take pictures of them.  Be jealous.. both were cute and hilarious.  Food, family, fun.. it was great.

Chris has a new camcorder and is getting inspired to resurrect ACTV.  It's a really cool camera for the price, and may be the catalyst we need.  More updates as they become available.