Media Center Returns, Will ACTV?

One of three things happened last night: either a floppy cable wasn't seated properly, the power supply hadn't FULLY cycled off then on in my previous attempts, or Sean's mere presence willed the computer to behave.  In all honesty, Sean being there brought both of the other two issues to the surface, so he was still key to solving the problem.

My Media Center is working fully now.  I was watching recordings and live TV, both analog and digital.  It was perfect.

Sean and I then watched an old episode of ActionCorpTV... episode 16, I think.  MAN, those were fun.  I hope we get to doing that again.  I know our schedules are all getting more full of stuff these days, but when we talk about it, we remember how much fun they used to be. 

Watching those also reminded me what I looked like when I was thinner.  What do you make of this?  In talking with Angie about how I thought I looked better then, she responded that she didn't think I cared about my appearance much then.  I've thought about that for a while today.  I can't even tell if it was nice or a jab.

Alright, enough silliness.  Media Center is working, ACTV should be.  Let's make it happen, guys.