HD-DVD is Dead, But Its Superior Value Lives On

xboxhddvd Sean found three HD-DVD drives for the Xbox 360 at Best Buy today.  Not too interesting until you realize that just today, Microsoft dropped the price of the drives from $129 to $49.  "Okay, so why would you want a piece of now-dead technology?" I hear you ask.  Well, a few reasons come to mind. 

First (and probably least practical); it's a spare.  I have a few HD-DVD movies ANYWAY, and if for some reason my drive poops out, I'd have another.

Second; it functions as an HD-DVD drive in Vista.  I can plug the drive in USB to a Vista machine, Vista recognizes it, and I can watch HD movies on my PC, or if data ever is stored on an HD-DVD, I can read that.

Third; it's potential as a collector's item/rare, valuable device.  Not many people have beta machines.  However, if you DID have a lot of movies on beta, and your beta machine broke, you might pay big bucks for a machine now.

Fourth; 6 free HD-DVDs.  The deal still stands that if you bought an HD-DVD player for the last few months, up to March 31, 2008, you can get a mail-in deal where you can choose, from a pre-set list, six movies.

All in all, for $49, it's too hard to pass up.  Sean picked up one for each of us.  If I have buyer's remorse, I can always run it back, but I think Microsoft was a little too hasty in dropping it so low, and will have NO problem selling their remaining stock, considering its value.