Old Games New Again

I've been away from my site a lot recently.  It's inexcusable.

I'm replaying Splinter Cell: Double Agent for the 360.  It's amazing the differences in playing it a second time.  I'm taking a totally unique path this time from what I did last time.

I'm also replaying Tomb Raider: Legend.  This 'new gamertag' thing is pushing me to replay some of the games I might not otherwise touch, and I sure am glad it is.  I forgot how good some of these older games are.  After Double Agent, I'll finish Tomb Raider, then I'm going to move back to Gears of WarOblivion will also be sprinkled throughout, since that game is fun for a several-hour session or a few-minute session.

I think I'm going to try to be a one-computer household.  I think my computer may be tough enough to record TV while I'm web-browsing.  I'll be experimenting this week on it.  If so, I can get rid of my dedicated Media Center PC, though that might not be the smartest idea.  It's just a test.

That's just a taste of some of the stuff on my mind right now.

Oh, also... my buddy Sean added a new Frog Cam to his site.  Check it out here.