GRAW 2's Extra Content is A Little Weak

Earlier this week, Ubisoft announced it was releasing a new content pack for Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2.  It was called the Co-op Collection, and added, among other things, five new maps to play in, together with your friends, against a bunch of AI baddies.

I got super-excited about it, because my friends Chris and Sean and I play that together, and had recently gotten into again, because of my newly-weakened gamerscore.  So, when a stealth launch of five new maps came out, it was GREAT news.  The equivalent of $10 got us several hours of new gameplay for an already great game.

As of Thursday night, and three nights of playing for around an hour or so, Chris and I blew through all five of them.  WHAT?!

To be fair, the levels are all from earlier GR titles, on the Xbox 1, so they're not as varied, but the difficulty seemed to be cranked down quite a bit.

Kind of a bummer, but an easy 90G to our scores, I suppose.