XP Returns, Weirdly

Okay, so after running the gauntlet of figuring out how to successfully install XP on a SATA drive, I finally found the winning combination.  Since you need a floppy drive during the install, to tell XP setup how to use SATA, I had been using a USB floppy drive, because my computer doesn't have an internal one.  However, when I installed the SATA driver, it also installed a bunch of other drivers that knocked the USB floppy out of its A: designation, messing up the setup.

After hooking up an internal, I now have XP up and running.  It has a few little squirrelly things going on, mainly in the video area, but for the most part, I'm back up and running.

I also picked up Rock Band over the weekend, with Angie's Christmas gift!  I haven't cracked the seal on it yet, though, mainly because of the time I've been spending resurrecting my PC.  I'm really looking forward to cracking it open.

I've also gotten several chapters into the latest Splinter Cell novel.  It's exceptionally good so far.  I REALLY liked the first and third one, and this one seems on the same level.  I added a new widget to my site showing what I'm reading now.  Thoughts?