Man, Is It 2008 Already?

I have totally been neglecting the site recently.  After my New Year's Eve post with the Splinter Cell playing, I haven't touched it.  I'm sure that's extremely concerning to my, literally, threes of readers out there.

Okay, no super big resolutions, because I've found in the past that I don't stick to them.  Instead, there are going to be some 'gradual changes'; just little things to make life & work go a little smoother.  One is actually to add some more functionality to my site.  Any input would be appreciated.  I'd like to make it a resource rather than just a diary, but I don't know how to do it.

My friend Craig recently SUPER-updated his site.  Check it out at  It's very photo-intensive.

Chris, Sean and I have been playing some GRAW 2 recently.  We've been getting STOMPED on the third mission, where the three of us go up against about 150 baddies who have taken over a section of the Panama Canal.  I play as a sniper, Chris likes assault rifles and Sean is our demo expert.

I apologize if the only reason you came here was for the continuing adventures of Splinter Cell: Ultimate Weapon.  It will have to wait, because the pictures and the notes I took are in a file on my home computer.

Welcome to another cool year of boring posts on!