Splinter Cell: Ultimate Weapon

After playing some pretend Splinter Cell with Luke and Liv over the weekend, and having my face hurt from laughter, I thought I'd share some of what we'd come up with. 

(I say 'we' had come up with it, but I honestly made no decisions, and let the two of them come up with everything including names, locations, items and more.)

Here's how it broke down:

Luke = Sam Fisher (Spy)
Liv = Anna Grimsdottir (Hacker)
Me = Irving Lambert (Boss)

Sam Fisher had to locate the ultimate weapon.  Geared up for adventure, Sam came to headquarters to find out what his latest mission is.

Luke as Sam Fisher

Sam's loadout consisted of his Kevlar vest (Nerf dart vest), a pistol (Nerf dart gun), spycam (Liv's Fisher Price camera), a grappling hook (jump rope), night vision goggles (Nerf dart goggles), and a walkie-talkie.

When he arrived, Anna had already hacked into the computer of a bad guy, and come up with Sam's latest adventure.  He had to acquire the Ultimate Weapon.  The way to do that was to get to three items, which would lead to the weapon.  The three items were a golden Chihuahua, a golden ring and an old lady's purse.  (When asked 'which one?', Anna answered, "You'll know.")

Liv as Anna Grimsdottir

Anna told us the golden Chihuahua was located in Paris (the basement), inside the Pink Palace (Liv's tent).  After travelling to Paris and taking some surveillance photos, including a photo of a suspicious character lurking around the palace, Sam returned to base to have Anna analyze the data.

The Pink Palace        Killer Man

On the left, the Pink Palace in Paris, on the right, we learned the shady character (the beagle) was named Killer Man.  After doing some digging, Anna discovered that Mr. Man worked for a bad guy boss named Robert McKills.  McKills and his girlfriend, MeanKill, were up to no good.  Not only were they trying to get the Ultimate Weapon, they ALSO were going to buy some cigarettes and smoke them in a hotel.

Sam went BACK to Paris, and after incapacitating one guard with a tranquilizer (Nerf) dart, he learned that Robert McKills attempted to make his cigarette deal in New York City.  He also infiltrated the Pink Palace, and retrieved the Golden Chihuahua.

Sam, Anna and Lambert decided not to follow McKills to New York just yet, and instead go to London, to locate the Golden Ring.

Since posting this has taken up more time than I anticipated, I'll continue the adventure in my next post!