TV, Space Drama & Boss Fights

I spoke with my landlord today, who greenlit me mounting my LCD to the wall.  Now I'm EXTREMELY excited about doing it.  It will free up the strange, coffee table-like entertainment center I have now for more stuff.  Now I have to look into what kit to get, and how much it will be.  Anyone have any thoughts?  Please leave me a comment!

I finished the Mass Effect novel, and am now beginning the game.  I'm four hours into it, and have been to two places total.  One was a spaceport, with a bar not unlike the Star Wars Cantina, with weird dancers, shootouts, and bizarre aliens.  I'll put up some sort of review of the game after I get a little farther into it, and a little more familiar with the game as a whole.  The other game series that's almost ALWAYS in my Xbox is Splinter Cell.  Last night it was Pandora Tomorrow with Sean.  He wrote a pretty cool post about it on his site earlier today.

Luke & I will take on Ganon tonight in The Wind Waker, or at least start the process.  I remember it not being as straight-forward as I'd expected.  That will be FUN.  He gets so fired up when we progress, and we made some HUGE strides recently.  So look out, Ganon... Luke/Link is on his way!