Swing.. and a Miss

I found out Sunday I didn't get the band gig I was working for.  Bummer.  I was really looking forward to singing with them.  They sounded really good, even just in an impromptu audition setting in a high school band room.  The biggest downer was getting what was essentially a 'callback', and THEN coming up short.  Oh well.. there will be other opportunities.

So far in the sethcheek.com movie poll, Beowulf is leading with a resounding ONE vote.  I'm going to see something soon since it didn't work out to see a movie over the weekend.  The funny thing is that the one that's currently in the lead is the one movie Angie DOESN'T want to see.  I was told I can pick anything BUT Beowulf.  But that's cool.. there are plenty of other movies I do want to see.  And she's like me in that just having the popcorn and sitting in the dark makes you forget just about any other kind of negatives to a movie.  Perhaps Hitman...

I've begun reading a sci-fi novel called Mass Effect: Revelation.  It's the backstory/prequel to an Xbox game that just came out.  Thought I might get more out of the game if I know about the backstory going in.  I know that reading the Halo novels REALLY enhanced my playing Halo 3.

I'm starting to build up my new gamertag.  It's kind of fun, and it's pushing me to replay some games to rebuild my score, that I otherwise may not have picked up again, being destined for the trade-in pile.