Christmas Approaches, Polls Added

I tried something different this year, but not different enough. 

I started making a list of what I wanted to pick up for everyone very early; several months ago.  However, I still didn't actually PICK the things up, so now I'm in nearly the same boat as normal, having to go out among the crazies, bad drivers, coupon clippers, etc. So I'll be heading into the fray over the next few weeks, cursing my lack of early action.

My second audition with the band is tomorrow.  That will be a blast!

I Am Legend, Beowulf, American Gangster?  I'm kind of in the mood to sit in the dark with popcorn and a Dew and watch a BIG movie.  But I don't know what to see.  What have you guys seen or want to?  I added a new poll function to the site after writing the first question in this paragraph.  I had to go find one, and I think I like the one I found.