Weekend, Here I Come!

What a strange week;  lots of weird things happening personally, lots of weird things happening at work, lots of weird things happening in the 'geek' world.

A writer/editor/reviewer was apparently fired from Gamespot, a popular gaming site, this week.  The popular rumor on why is that he negatively reviewed a game who's publisher was spending a big amount of advertising dollars with the site for which he works. 

The ridiculous scenario here is that (disclaimer of this being my opinion) the dude has made a career of trying to criticize games too hard.  Now, I haven't played the game that's review is now in question, Kane & Lynch, but quite often, it seems like he's trying to create a niche for himself as the 'hard to please' or 'cranky' reviewer.  So for them feign surprise when he rates a game low seems silly. 

This is a tricky situation, and regardless of how I feel about the dude's talent/ability/M.O., it doesn't seem right. 

On one hand, the site is a business.  It has to make money.  If it can't make money, it can't afford to pay reviewers.  On the other hand, can you ever expect complete objectivity from a site who's income IS off of happy clients?  I don't envy that position.


Okay, as for my personal life, Tuesday night was my audition with an area band.  (I'm not sure if they'd want their name used on my blog.)  I didn't feel like the second half went very well, but it seemed either my first half was good enough to cover the second half, or I'm being too critical, because they asked me to come back and sing with them again after picking a couple of new songs.  That was GREAT news.  It's another chance to show them that I'm the right guy for them!

I got to see my brother score his first basket on his high school basketball team Thursday night.  That was cool!  Here he is in action below.  He's number 24.  Click the picture to see all the pics of the game!