Changes, Confessions & Auditions

Man, I'm finicky.  I'm doing some graphic tweaks on a possible new theme now.  This one won't be a site-shutting down experience.  Now that I've switched over to WordPress, it's as simple as clicking a checkbox.  I'm not sure that I'll do it.  I'm just not digging the deadspace/photo area above, and am toying with moving the right-hand stuff over to the left.

I have my audition for my friend's band tonight.  They'll lose their singer at the end of the year and are planning ahead to who will take his spot.  I'll be doing one song of my choosing, and one of theirs.  I love doing stuff like this, so it should be really fun tonight.  Also tonight, Luke will have his first reconciliation/confession.  He's pretty nervous.  I wonder what a 7-year-old is nervous about confessing?

My Links Page now has a few additions, and I'll be adding to my Wishlist today, too.

On the theme of 'confessions':