Good News/Bad News in the Game World

In GOOD news, BioShock sent the people who got busted Big Daddy figurines with their game purchase an email this week, stating that the production of the figures was slower than they'd expected, and they're going to be shipping soon, along with an art book showing off concepts and themes of the game.

Here's the email they sent:

BioShock Figurine Replacement Program Update

The BioShock figurine replacement program is nearing completion after some delays due to production of the replacement figurines. We appreciate your patience and in order to speed things up, 2K Games is eliminating the step in which you are required to return the broken figurine (we've figured you've waited long enough!).

In the next two weeks, we will begin shipping out a single package containing both the replacement figurine and the art book to customers who enrolled in the program by November 12th. There will be no return box or need to return the broken figurine to our attention.

Thanks for your support and interest in BioShock, and for your patience during the replacement figurine program.

2K Games

Classy, IMO.  They're doing it right by me.

In BAD (though hardly shocking) news, Splinter Cell: Conviction has apparently once again been delayed.  I don't care if they take their time.  I just don't understand why they bother announcing completely unrealistic deadlines in the first place.  I'd rather them say, "Surprise, it's done!" 

Oh well... I know it'll be good when it's done.  Gives me that much more time to complete Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect, anyway.