Kinoo wa tanjoobi deshita

So I'm 29 now.  Very exciting.  Really the only thing about it seems to be that there's less than a year until I'm 30.  THAT is an interesting thought.  Angie took me out on Saturday to celebrate, and my parents took me out on Sunday.

Angie got me a really cool Sony speaker set for my iPhone.  They sound INCREDIBLE.  I was REALLY surprised when I hooked it up.









My parents gave me an Intel motherboard for my computer.  It should be arriving in the next few days.  Now all I need is a CPU to put in it.  I've got my eyes open. 


Guess I need to update my wishlist, too.  I guess I can keep it up for Christmas.

(btw, the subject of this post is "Yesterday was my birthday".  I'm trying to learn Japanese on my own.)